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  • Natural wine

    The story and philosophy of mother nature, and pleasure !

    Organic, biodynamic, sustainable ? Natural !

    wine made with a ton of love

    Organic explained

    More and more responsible people are taking an interest in what they eat, what they drink and how it's produced. Organic produce is grown using clean methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials such as pesticides, antibiotic or hormones... Organic products may not use genetics engineering or irradiation.

    What is “Natural” wine?

    Before this buzzword for “Natural” wines, there is a story of “what is natural in agriculture?”. Actually, a first group of farmers concerned about the future of agriculture on a sustainable and ecological approach, have been working on the Rudolph Steiner theory since 1925! The main idea is, to avoid chemical fertilizers, pesticides, to respect the biological organisms, to encourage true healthy conditions for life and is all about getting in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth in a maximum biodiversity.

    Organic vine key west

    A biodynamic agriculture.

    This form of modern organic farming includes some esoteric concepts as the use of an astrologic sowing, planting, pruning and harvesting calendar. The management practices are intended to maintain and enhance an ecological harmony, or to restore the soil or a “terroir” after years and years of herbicides for instance.

    Now the biodynamic techniques are used in more than 60 countries with the best results but the farmers or vine growers still have to fight against the heavy lobbying of pharmaceutical labs and their mercantile critics!

    This agriculture and biodynamic methods are the same in the art to cultivate grapevines and of course exclude the use of artificial chemicals and overly technological interventions, in any step of the whole process from a grape to the wine.

    Natural wines have to be hand-picked, fermented with indigenous yeasts, avoid additives, be extremely light in sulfur dioxide and naturally occurring sulfites.

    biodynamic wine key west

    More than a philosophy in the vineyard

    This real sustainable approach and respect for nature achieves the best results for decades, as in Burgundy with one of the most famous old world wines of “Domaine de la Romanée Conti”, 8 Grands Crus in Puligny-Chassagne, Vosne-Romanée and Aloxe Corton (velvet and satin in bottle...a scent of fresh cherry...a suaveness of "exceptionelle finesse".).

    wine made in small batches

    A genuine and sincere wine

    Let the wine make itself. Beyond the organic grapes and organic wines, when successful, natural wines are cleaner, more authentic, more “fresh”, expressive of terroir and respectful of the earth, the health of the vine growers, the wine makers, and the wine lovers! The idea is not to drink too much wine, but only good and well-made wines with unique individuality and nuanced characters.

    natural wine Key West

    Biodynamic wines ares good for you !

    no chemical crap

    Some of these criteria are generally accepted by most natural wine growers and producers :


    Organically and/or biodynamically grown grapes

    Dry-farmed, low-yielding vineyards


    No added sugars (chaptalization) or foreign yeasts or foreign bacteria

    No adjustments for acidity

    Not any additives for color, mouth-feel, minerality...

    No external flavor additives, including those derived from new oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract

    Low to no fining or filtration

    No heavy manipulation, such as micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis, spinning cone, cryoextraction

    Low to no added sulphites as known as sulfites

    So, NBS!


    Farming principles at Ambyth Estate and understand what DEMETER means !

    Download the article from the Magazine WELL, Nov10/2016 : Vivez Joyeux with natural wine

    Try some natural wines in your wine bar and cellar in town : Vivez Joyeux* - 300 Petronia Street in Bahama Village - 305 517 6799

    *Live joyfully

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